Are you planning an event such as a sportman’s dinner, charity evening or conference? If the answer to this question is yes then we would be delighted to discuss the option for Ian to attend as an after dinner speaker.

Ian played for teams such as Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds United, Juventus and represented the Welsh national team, so he has a wealth of stories to both amuse and surprise your audience!

Our management SOCCER SPEAKER arrange many football after dinner events and can organise celebrity golfing days, corporate dinners and many other hospitality events.

As one of the most respected former footballers in the game, Ian Rush is the ideal after dinner speaker. Ian speaks at fundraising, corporate and hospitality events, recounting many stories and inspiring people with his success.


Having played for eight clubs, large and small, there is something for everyone. With humour and a plethora of stories, Ian engages the room with his friendly and approachable style. Also an ambassador for Wales, Ian can tailor his speech to suit the event.


You don’t have to be a supporter of any of the teams he played for to appreciate Ian Rush’s tenacity and contribution to football, and what better way to hear his stories and inspire others than by inviting Ian to a lunch event?

If you want your audience to be inspired, there is no better speaker than Ian Rush, having played internationally as a teenager and progressing to being one of the most famous and successful footballers in the world.

Ian can motivate colleagues and associates by sharing his experiences

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in building a successful team – having been a player and manager – and how to overcome adversity and tough times. Moreover he identifies how to avoid becoming complacent, regardless of how much success is being enjoyed. Such fascinating insights are ideal for motivating delegates at corporate events.